Inspiration Strikes When I Least Want It

Lightning Strike. Picture courtesy Morguefile, Ostephy
Lightning Strike. Picture courtesy Ostephy at Morguefile

In bed.

Yes, I know.

Usually words start flowing through my head and characters begin talking/arguing/loving when I am about to drop off. This happened again last night. Tired, hoping for an unbroken night, I settled down, only for two of my favourite characters to start talking to each other. This in itself was refreshing because these two are either at odds with each other, or Kati is trying to resist Egon because she knows marrying him would be a huge mistake. It was touching, poignant, and I loved it.

Did I sit up and write it out?

No. I know if I do this then sleep is a very long time coming. What I try to do is think of key words that will help me remember in the morning. Today I sat down at my laptop and tried to write the scene. I couldn’t remember all of it, but I got the gist which was fine, not all of their interaction will make the novel anyhow, I suspect.

Another reason why I don’t sit up and write it out is because very often it’s not, actually, that good. The times I have written it out at night, I have then gone over it the next day and cringed.

Of course, the advantage of inspiration striking when I’m in bed is that when I’m stuck on a scene, I know all I need to do is go to bed early:D

I get quite a few early nights – that then turn into later nights…


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