The Bowman’s Inn – Spring Anthology. Another Sneaky Peek…


Here is a peek at “Strange Brew” by Brandy Ayres:

Stacey’s had a rough time of it lately. After years of being a wife and stay at home mom to two beautiful girls, her husband leaves their family to be a roadie. With no job and a dwindling bank account, she’s forced to look for any job that will take her with almost no work experience. But as luck would have it Mandy and Val at The Bowman’s Inn give her a chance, hiring her as a bartender. She expects the late nights, and the exhaustion of being a working single-mom. What she didn’t count on was Clayton, the sexy craft brewer she can’t stop thinking about. But she has no room in her life for a new man. With Val’s help can Clayton find a way into Stacey’s life, and heart?

And an excerpt to tempt you:

“His strong arms wrapped around her waist, dragging her body to press full length against his. The lips she’d been admiring just minutes earlier rushed down onto hers.

Frozen, her arms hung at her sides, mouth closed and eyes wide open. This was her first kiss with a man other than her husband in almost twenty years. She waited for guilt, shame, or sadness to fill her. But they never came. Instead, an intense heat poured through her veins and pooled between her hips.

He backed away from their embrace, and she caught the regret in his eyes. She’d never responded. His fingers lingered on her waist, but before he broke contact with her completely, she pounced, throwing her arms around his neck, dragging him back to her mouth. His lips curled at the corners into a smile, making her giggle.”

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